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In the context of her fellowship with the Center for the Ballet and the Arts of the New York University, Constantina mentored, in collaboration with Dr. Sadye Paez, a group of students from the Interactive Telecommunications Masters’ Program at New York University (Jinny Kang, Qiongting Zhang, I-Jon Hsieh, and Stephanie Chen) on a project that led to the creation of an interactive 2-player rhythm game, called Zooba Battle.  
















Zooba Battle is based on studies and hypotheses on the link between vocal learning and rhythm entrainment (dance) in various species. The participants are prompted to select a species (e.g., parrot, chimpanzee, lizard, elephant) and push on buttons based on how the species they selected would tap onto the rhythm of the song that they listen to while playing. In other words, the (human) players need to imitate (by pushing buttons) the timing of the rhythm synchronization that other species would achieve, not themselves. This project included a variety of technologies ranging from sensors and laser cutting to music script and coding.  

You can play the online version of the game by clicking the button below!












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